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Xbox 360 Slim Problems

Despite being one of the finest gaming consoles on the market now, there are some problems with Slim Xbox 360s that players can face from time by time. This console is the latest and greatest version of the famous Microsoft Xbox 360 S, and was released on June 14, 2010.

The Xbox 360 has the pro of being much sleeker and slimmer than the earlier model. It also has a much enhanced 250GB hard drive on board, if you’re willing to pony up the extra cash for the comfort of ample room to install multiple titles. Otherwise, you can stick to a tight budget, still obtain the xbox 360 slim 4GB version, and just worry about juggling data on your system. The features and basic design of this console are almost same as old one. The xbox 360 slim console is friendlier than its previous version in terms of not heating up as badly as the old version. Some loyal xbox fans have opted to upgrade from the older version to a 360 slim just for the increased reliability that the newest version offers. Observant gamers will notice three large exhaust vents on the xbox 360 slim that are aimed at preventing overheating problems and the red ring of death which plagued earlier iterations of the console. All the same, gamers have been reporting that  xbox 360 slim problems do still exist.

Understanding Xbox 360 Slim Problems

Some of the major Xbox 360 slim problems are noise, load times and hard drive size, assuming you opt for the 4GB model. Even though the xbox 360 slim is drastically improved over its predecessors in terms of general noisiness, you can still hear the ramping up and chugging along of its guts whenever you ask it to do something weighty like load a new area or install a game to the hard drive. For most gamers, this isn’t really a big deal, but for some it’s a big pet peeve.

Load times can still get pretty lengthy, especially on premiere titles that push the envelope of complexity, such as Fallout 3. Hopping from town to town or from a small town into the expansive world map can cause you to forget what it was you were originally attempting to accomplish when you clicked “open door” 6 minutes ago.

Ultimately, the biggest irritation and problem with xbox 360 slim consoles is the ridiculously small 4GB hard drive. This size is simply not practical for comfortable gaming unless you only ever use game CDs to play and save a modest number of save files alongside them onto your system. If you have even the slightest interest in using xbox live to download demos, add-on packs of content or entire titles, just save yourself the headache and fork out the extra cash for a full sized xbox 360 slim console with a 250GB hard drive.

Red Dot of Death

Like the red ring of death in the earlier model of Xbox, the somewhat less thorny ‘red dot of death’ is also one of the Xbox 360 slim problems. The console refuses to work when this red dotted light of death appears on the power button. The precise reason of this problem is yet unidentified but this problem can supposedly be fixed by getting direct repair service from Microsoft.

As such there are no more big issues or headaches with Xbox 360 besides these ones. Buyers should keep in mind that after all this is an electronic device and a relatively delicate one at that. The better you can take care of your xbox 360 slim by keeping its exhaust vents free from obstructions and remembering to power it down when it’s not in use, the less likely you are to encounter any of these xbox 360 slim problems.

If you are having problems Slim Xbox 360 then you should also search for different forums to know that if other people are also facing same problem if yes, then an adequate solution will be available there. At the end of the day, this device is very advanced, and if you treat it carefully, there is no cause for malfunctions or any kind of problems.